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Favorite Shampoo of all Time

My favorite is the Classic Shampoo with the Color Full one a close second! For years I was on the look out for an all natural shampoo that would actually do what it promised -- make my hair radiant, healthy and shine. I spent five years trying brand after brand only to be disappointed when I stumbled on Rahua by accident. After that there was no going back! It's been three years and I will never use another shampoo! My hair has honestly never looked this good! Rahua makes my mornings easy and effortless. I just love the quality of the ingredients and the integrity of the company. Try this! You won't regret it!! One last thing I want to add is that the shampoo works with your hair over time; there's an alchemical process over a couple week period where the ingredients completely revolutionize your hair! It takes on a different life that's radiant and vibrant! I tried everything and nothing worked. Until this : )

My Favorite Shampoo

I have been using this shampoo for several years now. I also use Classic and Hydrating. I mix them up. Voluminous is my favorite. I am so glad you are doing the refills for some of them.


Love the smell, love the clean ingredients, love the company's ethos-LOVE EVERYTHING about this!

Great stuff!

Love the palo that it's love love


I love all the Rahua products that I have tried. I have fine hair. I like being able to use all the different mini shampoos and conditioners based on how my hair is feeling that day. Also, I like the that you can try the mini sizes before buying the bigger sizes.

I love it. I have done wavy hair and it seems to work well for my hair type. It does not leave my hair heavy or weighed down.

eautiful volume

I love it, gives my hair bounce and shine.


This shampoo and conditioner is magic! I live in the high desert mountains and my hair was very dry and frizzy. Nothing seemed to help.. not even sleeping with oils. In just 2 washes (I only wash my hair 2x/wk), my hair is so soft and hydrated, my curls are bouncy (not frizzy), and my hair shines! My scalp feels clean and hydrated as well. And, I feel like I finally have pretty hair. WOW!! Thank you, Rahua! I am so happy that I read about you on Goop and decided to try out the travel size. I just purchased the full size bottles. And, thank you for giving back to the community that makes Rahua possible!


I get my hair colored every 5/6 weeks; roots, then full color, roots, etc., you get the picture. So last time I went to the salon for Full Color appointment, my stylist said my color still looked great and would skip Full Color this time and just do Roots that day. Wait, what?! That's when I knew it was all Rahua's doing with their Color Shampoo and Conditioner! Look, with menopause and medications causing so much hair loss and breakage, I need to keep some dignity, like my FABULOUS color! To be honest, I couldn't really tell if Rahua's products were helping to preserve/protect my color; I just knew they were healthier for my hair than what I was using before. Well, now I know and so do you :) Recently I purchased the Color Hair Mask; don't know about color qualities, but it does nourish the hair. Hope everyone has a blessed and safe New Year! Thank you, Rahua :)

Moisturizing, smoothing, amazing hair

This is great for fine, thick hair. Before kids and hormonal changes and aging. I had no fuss, wash and go hair. I recently began to lose my thick hair and the greying of it was causing it to become quite frizzy and dry as well. I found rahua products and within a week of use I was seeing big results. I have now used their hydrating shampoo/cond for a few months and my hair is really repairing, looking, and feeling so much more healthy again. I have added this leave in light treatment after i get out of the shower daily. Its like a leave in treatment plus frizz free product product for my hair. I absolutely love it! You will too!

Great colour protection

Rahua products are the best thing for my hair.


I love this product. I apply one pump to my palms and warm the oil, rubbing it all over my hands and then combing through my ends, grazing over my roots with the excess. I also use a bit on my scalp as an overnight treatment before a wash day. I have oily hair and have been practicing skipping washes, and this product has been a great part of restoring balance in my hair! Love it!

Great protection

I love this product! It smells beautiful and has amazing natural ingredients. I love using this as a heat protectant before a blow dry or being out in the sun.

Makes my hair silky soft

Love it! My hair felt brittle but this made such a difference in the overall texture of my hair. Great product!

The best.

Hydration conditioner and shampoo are simply the best I've ever used, will use nothing else because of how my hair feels, how nourished it is and the awesome scent! The Hydration Detangler holds my curls just as I want them.

smells amazing!

I was so excited to receive my products. I actually ordered the travel duo for both classic and voluminous. I read great reviews on the classic in managing dandruff and the great smell. I love the smell, It makes me think of licorice. It makes my hair shiny and clean feeling, but also gives it some weight. I have fine, straight hair. I think using a small amount of the volume and classic together will give me the volume and also the fabulous scent to help my hair be healthy and look great.

Great for Coarse Hair!

Love this product!! It's great for exceptionally course hair.

Best hair care!

I wanted to try out all the shampoo and conditioners before purchasing bigger sizes and this did not disappoint. Honestly I am not even sure which one I like the best because they all have performed. Best hair care I’ve ever used.

Love, love, love

I've learned I can't use too much at once, bit using this had been a game changer for my hair. Shinier, softer curls. Highly recommend.

Beautiful layered or alone

Love the scent on its own but lovely layered with another scent as well.


I had tried Wellnesse, which was ok but was looking for another natural brand. I had been using Ann Marie shampoo and conditioner but it was not for me as it was really drying on my combo hair. I did some online research for a brand that would catch my eye and mark all the boxes, and this one did and then some. I could see a tremendous difference after one use, and even more after subsequent uses. The lustre and beauty is back in my hair, and I even condition the roots as well as the ends. Outstanding products!


I wasn't sure I liked it the first time I used it on damp hair. The next week when I got to my dry shampoo day, I also generously spritzed this through the remainder of my dry hair while using the dry shampoo on my roots. I was blown away by how clean and refreshed my hair looked. Another staple!

Game changer

I'm switching over from another natural product and was totally blown away with this dry shampoo. I've tried a few natural ones with some success, but this is by Y large the best. I can use it several times, if needed, and don't end up with that "build-up" at the end of the week. I even think by the time I get to wash day, while also using the voluminous spray mid-week, I could go even longer. This is a mainstay in my drawer and I just ordered a couple more.


Great product! Good Price

A gift

Dear RAHUA: I sent your product to my daughter in California for Christmas as it was on her wish list. She hasn’t opened her gifts yet but I assume she likes your product or she wouldn’t have asked for it. But, I can say the ordering experience was easy and delivery was fast.