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Strong Hair Rituals
Marie-Pierre (Tucson, Arizona, United States)

Silky, concentrated and exactly what I was looking for. My hair is shiny, nourished and smooth. I would by this trio again in a heart beat.

Cream Wax
Vance Voetberg (Olympia, Washington, United States)
Great for Men's Hair

The best styling product on the market. Perfect consistency that holds but doesn't make your hair look like a shiny piece of plastic. Smells fantastic as well.

Classic Shampoo Lush Pump
Sara Hall (Monticello, Florida, United States)
The best shampoo!

I’ve tried so many shampoos and conditioners over my span of life. I wish I had known about Rahua earlier. After using it TWICE I noticed SUCH a big difference in my hair! It’s stronger, healthier, and it’s AMAZING. Your hair is an investment. Invest in this!

Hydration Detangler + UV Barrier
Anonymous (Auburndale, Massachusetts, United States)
Love! Non greasy, hydrating and SO effective!

Like all Rahua products I've tried, this stuff works really well while using clean, safe ingredients I can trust. It's not a liquid spray, but more of a loose creamy texture. It gives a nice slip to my long, fine hair that allows me to brush through even the worst knots without causing damage. I use it on both dry and wet hair — it is super hydrating and leaves my hair feeling soft and nourished but never greasy (even at the roots)!

Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner Lush Pump Set
Donna (Wethersfield, Connecticut, United States)

I have long natural silver hair with white streaks. This shampoo and conditioner works like no other. It hydrates, makes my hair shine and eliminates the frizz. You won't be disappointed.

Hydration Detangling Rituals
Anna Whittle (Falls Church, Virginia, United States)
Life changing!

Wow! I always thought my hair type was just “frizzy” but this shampoo, conditioner, and detangler have completely transformed my hair. My hair used to be the biggest point of stress for me, but now I actually like my hair and it’s easy to deal with. Highly highly recommend these products.

Color Full™ Essential Hair Care Set
Norma Foster (Eagle, Idaho, United States)
Love these products

Used this shampoo and conditioner for the first time. LOVE THE SHINE AND TEXTURE.
I am ordering again for myself and daughter. The color part is just another wonderful benefit since I wash my hair often and color my hair.

Hydration Shampoo
Tracy Moeller (San Francisco, California, United States)

Over the summer I developed an itchy patch of skin on my scalp. I was already using an all natural shampoo at the time, but it got so bad that I had to avoid shampooing or conditioning that area at all, and had to take breaks from even getting my hair wet. I tried a couple of other natural shampoos, nothing had any affect on the itching. Then I came across Rahua, and on a whim decided to give it a try. I bought the travel size of the classic and the hydration shampoos, and the hydration conditioner really just to test the scents (I'm super sensitive to scents). I was not expecting any change in my scalp condition. However, literally the moment I used this shampoo on my scalp, the itching immediately stopped. Months of trying not to give myself a bald patch from scratching, and this shampoo just magically made it go away. I am now extremely grateful that I tried these. The scents for the Hydration and the Classic are not strong at all. I don't even notice it when I get out of the shower, which is perfect for me. Also I noticed my wavy hair isn't as poofy, and it looks a bit shinier too.

Color Full™ Travel Duo
Lionsgate (Moraga, California, United States)
Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner

I really like the delicate Scent of this product.
This product gently cleans and moistureized my hair.
I would like to try other types of Shampoo and Conditioner items and will reorder in the future.Nice sample products offered and shipping is secure.

Voluminous Dry Shampoo
Mercedes McNutt (Hermitage, Pennsylvania, United States)

I love this stuff!! comes out very white but once you brush it through your hair it works like magic!

Hydration Heroes
Katie Transue (Sewell, New Jersey, United States)
Love this bundle!

I’m really enjoying this entire bundle. My hair is soft, shiny and my scalp feels hydrated and healthy!

Legendary Amazon Oil™
Eryn Wrobleske (Houston, Texas, United States)
My hair loves this

I only need one pump (two made it a bit greasy) and my hair soaked it up! Love this product

Classic Shampoo & Conditioner Lush Pump Set
sarah marsh (Rochester, Minnesota, United States)

Love the way my hair looks and feels after using this pair together. I have colored hair , fine but a lot of it . This helps my hair stay strong and healthy. Light natural scent not perfumy at all .

Leave-In Treatment
Tony George (Seneca, South Carolina, United States)

Exactly how it makes your look, feel, and smile. Been a customer for 10 years. Love it!

Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo
Lisa Conrad (Novi, Michigan, United States)
Scalp exfoliating shampoo

I’ve only had a chance to use it once since I’ve gotten it, and I notice a drastic difference! My scalp is so dry from menopause and itches all day. I barely notice the itchiness so I’m excited that it will improve with more use

Super soft & shiny

This duo makes my hair super soft & shiny. I had virgin (medium/ dark brown) hair that I wanted to go purple. So my poor hair has been through a lot the last few weeks and it is still soft and shiny even with the bleaching and coloring process.. oh and it smells amazing

Hydration Hair Mask
kristin (Staten Island, New York, United States)

In just one use this has somehow transformed my hair. I've been using all natural hair products for years, I only wash once a week and I am super careful with my hair. This and the Amazon Oil have taken it to the next level! Rahua has become my new gold standard.

Voluminous Shampoo
Amanda Hodge

Very pleased w/this product! Cannot wait to try the conditioner.

Hydration Detangler + UV Barrier
Elizabeth Fitzgerald (Klamath Falls, Oregon, United States)
Lovely product

As a redhead with 2a, medium thickness, low porosity hair, I really enjoy this product! It detangles my hair nicely after showering, reduces frizz and gives it an extra softness I usually only get from the salon. Since my hair is low porosity, I only need about 7 spritz for my long locks (hair length hits my waist) ~ if I put too much on, I notice my hair gets a little bit of that "greasy" feeling/build up from too much product...luckily that just means it lasts longer for me! It's a low maintenance individuals dream product! Buy it, you won't regret it!

Classic Essential Hair Care Set
V Wills (McKinney, Texas, United States)
I love this stuff!

I had a baby 10 months ago, have long thick fine hair, and had been losing a handful in every washing. I used less shampoo and conditioner than I normally would bc it's so expensive and a few things I noticed are:
-The smell was not as strong as I thought it would be. I'm generally sensitive to perfumes and most fragrances in general but this has a soft earthy scent that I quite liked
-I did have about the same number of knots that I normally had but, like I said previously, I didn't use a much conditioner as I normally would so that could be one factor and when combing out my knots in the shower hardly any of my hair was pulling out with them
- almost all my hair is still on my head and not stuck to the shower drain! This was my first time using it so I'm assuming my hair will only continue getting stronger with each washing
-i let my hair air dry most of the time and it usually gets super frizzy, this shampoo and conditioner did not help with that so I still need to use a little extra product
Overall, this is probably the best set I've used for my hair ❤

Classic Shampoo Travel Size
Carlotta Lampkin-Mitchell (Carlisle, Pennsylvania, United States)
Mrs Mitchell

Hair felt so hydrated

Classic Shampoo
Dilara Veliyeva (Chicago, Illinois, United States)


Worth it!

Not only does this detangler smell amazing, it works incredibly well. I use it on both wet and dry hair and love how my brush or comb glides through my hair. The UV protection doesn't hurt either!

Voluminous Shampoo
Geralene Thurnau (Ridgeland, South Carolina, United States)
stressed thin dry hair now shiny & soft!

My search for a natural shampoo kept coming back to Rahua rainforest shampoo!!!! Thin grey hair stressed by blow dryer ,curlers and mousse quickly became soft and shiny with Rahua!

Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo
Connar Carolan (Manchester, England, United Kingdom)
Feels good, smells nice!

Go gently with it as it can be sharp if you push too hard, but honestly great, my scalp feels super soft to the touch and it’s keeps my eczema prone skin clean, if I stay on top with this stuff it’s improved for sho