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When it comes to caring for our hair, we shouldn’t stop at conditioning in the shower.  Our hair needs some extra love to keep it healthy, protected, and vibrant. At Rahua, we’re committed to helping you achieve your hair goals, no matter what they may be!

If longer, healthier, stronger, and shinier hair is what you’re after, we’ve got you covered. We’ve created hair treatments for every hair goal that hydrate, protect, and give your hair the beautiful, healthy shine of your dreams.

Why do I need a hair treatment? 

Our daily routines can damage our hair without us even realizing it. Hot styling tools and the sun’s UV rays can take a toll on our hair’s health, leaving us with split ends and dryness that take away our natural shine. And when we bleach or color our hair, we cause even more damage that can make healthy hair hard to achieve.

Our Leave-In Treatments are perfect for:

  • Improving hair health
  • Protecting hair from hot styling tools and the sun
  • Adding moisture
  • Extending the life of your hair color
  • Elevating shine
  • Allowing hair to grow longer and stronger

We offer two potent Leave-In Treatments each with their own unique qualities (just like your hair!). 

Rahua Leave-In Treatment vs. Rahua Leave-In Treatment Light 

We’ve created hair treatments designed to bring your hair optimum health and shine! Both of our Leave-In Treatments offer wonderful hydration and protection from hot styling tools and UV rays. Rahua oil and organic quinoa promote healing and moisture retention that restores hair health in every hair type. 

If your hair is over-processed, we recommend starting with our original Leave-In Treatment and transitioning to our Leave-In Treatment Light once you start seeing a difference in your hair health and need some extra lift.

Each of our Leave-In Treatments offers a powerful blend of ingredients that brings the best of nature to your hair!

Rahua Leave-In Treatment

Rahua leave in treatment container with the creamy product texture in background

Best for:

  • Over-processed, damaged hair in need of deep hydration
  • Restoring hair back to health
  • Thick, coarse, or textured hair looking for an enhanced natural style
  • Adding weight to make hair more manageable
  • Taming frizz
  • Protecting hair from heat

Meet the star ingredients:

  • Rahua oil
  • Organic quinoa
  • Organic green tea
  • Organic raspberry leaf
  • Palo Santo
  • Vanilla

Our classic Leave-In Treatment offers organic raspberry leaf that’s packed with good-for-your-hair antioxidants that nourish hair down to the cuticle and repair damage. Our signature Palo Santo scent mixed with the warm sweet scent of vanilla provides a truly calming experience that connects you back to nature. These earthy aromas also slow down hair aging thanks to the potent polyphenols in vanilla.

This customer-favorite has been featured in Allure, Into the Gloss, and Mind Body Green.

Discover why our Leave-In Treatment was named a Top 25 Best of Beauty in 2018 by Into the Gloss!

How to use our Leave-In Treatment

Use before hot styling tools or air drying

This treatment was designed to offer protection from hot styling tools and the sun. When applied before styling, you give your hair important protection from breakage caused by excessive heat.

Or, skip the styling tools and air dry for improved definition and separation!

Less is more

Our original Leave-In Treatment is very dense and packed with hydration, so all you need is a small dab to achieve the results you’re looking for! If you have longer, thicker hair, you can apply more product if needed. For finer hair, a small dab should be plenty. Start small, and you can always add more.

Apply on towel-dried hair

Applying the treatment to towel-dried hair allows the powerful, nourishing ingredients to penetrate down to the cuticle for maximum hydration and protection.

Massage product into ends

Start by massaging the treatment into your ends, slowly working the product up to mid-shaft. Focusing on your hair’s dry areas will restore your hair’s health while giving you gorgeous shine!

Rahua Leave-In Treatment Light

Rahua leave in treatment light box with the creamy product texture in background

Best for:

  • Finer hair types looking for bounce
  • Improving hair health
  • Adding hydration with a weightless finish
  • Enhancing definition when air-drying
  • Taming frizz
  • Protecting hair from heat

Designed with finer hair types in mind, our Rahua Leave-In Treatment Light offers protection and hydration that doesn’t weigh your hair down. Our treatment doesn’t force you to choose between hydration and bounce.

Meet the star ingredients:

  • Rahua oil
  • Organic quinoa
  • Yerba mate leaf
  • Organic sunflower
  • Shea butter

Yerba mate leaf and organic sunflower are perfect for adding bounce, luster, and strength to damaged hair (an especially wonderful ingredient for fine hair since it’s so lightweight). Organic sunflower is full of growth-promoting vitamin E and oleic acid; perfect for hair that’s prone to breakage and split ends. Say goodbye to dry, brittle hair, and feel refreshed with the uplifting scent of lemongrass and eucalyptus. 

Experience the lightweight goodness of our Leave-In Treatment Light and start growing longer, stronger hair now!

How to use our Leave-In Treatment Light

Use more liberally

Because of the lightweight formula, you can use more of this product without worrying about weighing your hair down! Start with a small dab to see how your hair takes to the formula, and feel free to use more depending on your hair’s needs. 

Apply to towel-dried hair

Like our original Leave-In Treatment, our Leave-In Treatment Light should be applied to towel-dried hair so the nourishing ingredients can penetrate deep into your strands giving you optimum hydration.

Massage product into ends

Start by massaging the treatment into your ends, working the product up to mid-shaft. If you have longer, thicker hair, you can apply more product as necessary. Finer hair types can use more product and still achieve a lightweight finish. 

Blow-dry with a round brush or air dry

Both of our Leave-In Treatments give your hair protection from breakage caused by heat. After applying the treatment, blow-dry using a round brush for silky smooth locks that shine. Or, you can skip the styling tools altogether and air dry for a tousled look with a weightless lift!

Women blow drying her hair with round brush machine

How often should I use a hair treatment?

Ideally, you should use a leave-in hair treatment every day for maximum benefits, especially if you use hot styling tools or have damaged hair. The more often you use one of our Leave-In Treatments, the healthier your hair will be. And who doesn’t want healthier, shinier hair that feels fresh and light? 

Restore your hair’s health, get weightless protection, and grow your hair longer without breakage with our nourishing Leave-In Treatments!

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