Rahua Palo santo oil perfume bottle with morete seeds, rahua seeds, gardenia flower and palo santo stick


Uplift your spirits and invigorate the senses with our first ever rollerball oil perfume!  Inspired by our cult-favorite signature scent, the exotic Palo Santo, we are incredibly excited to bring you Rahua Palo Santo Oil Perfume.  The fresh, woodsy aroma helps to focus the mind with sweet notes of citrus and gardenia flower.

Potent and powerful, this aromatic blend of pure plant oils is created to bring positive energy to your daily beauty routine.  Bring this mood-booster with you whenever you need a pick-me-up — before an important meeting, a long flight, meditation or your yoga practice.  Gently apply over pulse-points with care and mindfulness.

Rahua Palo Santo Oil Perfume with burning palo santo stick

The Holy Wood

Palo Santo (holy wood in Spanish) is a sacred wood from South America that has been used for centuries by Shamans and "Curanderos" (medicine women and men) for its spiritual and medicinal benefits. Our years of environmental work in the forest has enabled Rahua to secure sustainable Palo Santo; and be the first beauty brand to incorporate its magic in our products!

Along with shamans and saints, it is believed that many who seek a stronger spiritual connection with the world use Palo Santo to protect, heal, and experience a feeling of well-being.  Cleanse of “mala energía” (bad energy) and promote positive thinking with our new Palo Santo Oil Perfume!


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