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Voluminous Dry Shampoo
Isabella Di Tursi (Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada)
In love!

Im absolutely obsessed with this dry shampoo. I was really hesitant at first because it’s just a powdery substance but honestly does wonders for my hair. My hair looks clean and fresh. I’ve been searching for a dry shampoo that works and doesn’t leave a weird residue or makes your hair look worse, and this stuff is perfect!! 10/10 recommended!

Voluminous Dry Shampoo
Anonymous (Maple Grove, Minnesota, United States)

Love that there is no talc in this! And the scent is great-a nice faint vanilla that is not overpowering (but sticks with you throughout the day). Fav dry shampoo so far!!

Hydration Shampoo
Kathleen Sison (Ashburn, Virginia, United States)
Love this product!!!

The Rahua conditioning shampoo and condition smell wonderful, are super luxurious to put on, and leave my hair feeling clean and soft. With a very light fragrance.

Classic Conditioner Deluxe Mini
Lisa (Dunellen, New Jersey, United States)
Great Conditioner

Great Conditioner. Makes my hair soft and feels luxurious! My favorite is the hydration hair mask. Love the scent!

Hydration Shampoo
Ruth Negru (Chicago, Illinois, United States)
This shampoo and I are now exclusive

I was in awe after I showered with this. Quite literally.
After my hair was completely dry, it was so soft and was not frizzy!!
I hate wearing my hair down after showering unless I style it, but this shampoo left my hair so lovely that I didn’t feel it necessary to style it.
I am excited to shower now, as silly as that sounds. Every opportunity to use Rahua and go through that shock/excitement all over again makes me so happy.

Classic Conditioner
Katie McCluskey (Larne, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom)
Best brand I’ve ever used

My hair has never felt, looked or grown better! I will be using this forever and nothing else!

Classic Shampoo
Olena Feoktistova (Manhattan Beach, California, United States)
Clean and natural

You just know that you are putting something on your hair that is natural by its texture, smell and taste. Yes, if it accidentally gets on your lips you will taste that it is salty. That's what I am guessing they use for thickening the product. Lathers and cleans very well.

Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo
DVB (Aurora, Ontario, Canada)
Scalp exfoliating shampoo and scalp and hair treatment

Love this shampoo!Helps hair grow stronger, thicker and stimulates growth.
Goes on the scalp easily. Love the scalp and hair treatment after. This is part of my hair care routine.

Body Oil
Marisa O (Washington, District of Columbia, United States)
Delightful Indulgence

Rahua Body Oil manages to be both lightweight and intensely nourishing. I love to apply it after my shower, when my skin is still slightly wet. I can get dressed right away as the oil absorbes instantly with no stickiness whatsoever; yet, the moisturizing effect lasts all day. The composition is very luxurious and, as with all Rahua products, I love knowing that my self-care routine is beneficial not just for myself but also for the rainforest and its indigenous inhabitants.

Hydration Shampoo
EJV (Wilmette, Illinois, United States)
Simply the best!

Tried them all over the years...all clean hydrating shampoo and conditioners...this is by far the very long, 50yr old hair is truly thankful...and as I "play" with still liking it to look fun and trendy, these products help me do so while remaining confident I am not using toxic products!

Cream Wax
EJV (Wilmette, Illinois, United States)

A wax to use on my 9yr old's hair...he likes it to "stay" and look "cool" but I don't want chemicals on his head! This takes some "working" really shows up white if you don' apply, then comb or finger hair to desired look...set with defining spray...use diffuser with heat to set that on top...all day hold and still not "glued" in place. Everyone, CLEAN hair products do work if you take the time to figure them out!

Defining Hair Spray
EJV (Wilmette, Illinois, United States)

Ok, I've tried ALL clean hairsprays...this one is the BEST! Fear not if it "shows" or beads up, use the diffuser to "dry it in" and wah lah...amazing hold...movable hold if you want it to be, figure thru it...and even the next day hair is not too "gummed" up...can still wash every other day. I use it on my 9yr old "set" his hair that is already done with Rahua wax...ty for the great stuff!

Classic Essential Hair Care Set
Ariel Brown (Clermont, Florida, United States)
5th order and loving it!

This is my 5th order of the Rahua shampoo and Conditioner set. As someone has has seborrheic dermatitis, this set is a miracle. It also helps with my oily scalp. It not only makes your hair smooth, and smell good but the ingredients are great too.

Control Cream Curl Styler
Katherine Benitez (Miami, Florida, United States)

I’m finally highly convinced I’m sticking with the control cream. I have wavy very fine thin hair. A small amount of this cream makes my hair full with body and my waves look bouncy. Also to add how hydrated my hair looks once I put it. Without it, my hair is dry due to the hair dyes that always kill my very thin hair. Thank you so much Rahua for making such a magical product for my hair. Please do not ever stop making it. I also use the classic shampoo and conditioner for many years now which I find amazing g since the shampoo is gentle on my scalp. Rahua! Please co to use to do your best! Again, thank you!!!!

Hydration Shampoo
Lucy Martin (Colchester, England, United Kingdom)
Best hydrating shampoo

Such a great hydrating shampoo that smells so good and makes my hair feel amazing. Plus they have refills which is sustainable!

Control Cream Curl Styler
La mariposa (Phoenix, Arizona, United States)
Ravishing rahua

I have been on a natural journey for about 9 months now. My job environment dries out my hair during a 10 hr period so I was looking for something to keep it moisturized. Enter Rahua. I use the control cream, the texturizer and 2 more products and the magic combination helps my hair to stay coiled and frizz free all day!!! And it is soooo soft now since I started with Rahua. So glad I took the plunge with Rahua this summer. Love love love their products and the Amazon oil is oustanding to put on after all the other products. I have type 4 hair. Not sure which but maybe A.

Hydration Shampoo
Catherine Smith (Paddington, England, United Kingdom)
Favourite shampoo

I feel good about the refillable option that lasts over two months. Lovely quality product that softens and feel light on hair.

Voluminous Shampoo
Sharon B in IL (Downers Grove, Illinois, United States)
Volumunious Shampoo - really works

Love this shampoo. I recently had a hair dye reaction (ears peeling since April to present - it is September) so I am looking for healthier products to use in my day to day life (again). Love the smell of this shampoo. It smells like anise hysop - licorice. I used some of the other products but since I grew up with foaming shampoo it is hard to get rid of that need. This one meets that foamy shampoo need. One thing at a time, I guess. Wish it came in larger sizes and wish it was a tad less expensive. I feel like I am taking care of myself by using this product. Thanks for being one of the caring companies.

Enchanted Island™ Lotion Mist
ramona aurora ilovan (Hendon, England, United Kingdom)
smooth and lovely

love it

Hydration Hair Mask
Vicky (Miami, Florida, United States)

I bought this mask for my daughters who have curly hair and this mask did an amazing job. It left their hair so so soft !! I definitely recommend it.

Classic Travel Duo
Samantha (Land O' Lakes, Florida, United States)
The hype is 100% real

I wanted to try a small size before committing to purchasing the big bottles, and after one use I’m already sold. I have very frizzy hair living in Florida and baby hairs that stick up everywhere. It’s been difficult to find a clean shampoo that makes my hair feel nice, but this did it! I’m excited to see if it will extend the time between washes, my hair gets oily pretty quickly. It smells delicious and my hair has never felt better.

Voluminous Shampoo
Laura (Monroe, North Carolina, United States)
Body and softness

I have tried many different shampoos and I finally found one that gives my hair body and softness! No more weighing my hair down or frizzies.

Hydration Detangler + UV Barrier
Verie Gorenca (Cassville, New Jersey, United States)

Love this! Smells great! Very hydrating but not oily. I found it hard to find a product for my thin hair but this actually is works! Tames the frizz.

Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo
Nneka Okoli (Brooklyn, New York, United States)
This Really Works!

I've been using hydrating shampoos on my kinky curly hair for as long as I can remember. I don't think a hydrating shampoo has ever gotten my hair this clean before. I now use this as my first shampoo every time and follow with a hydrating shampoo for the second wash. My scalp is SO CLEAN I can't believe it. Also heads up the shampoo does not smell good but the results are worth it!

Founder’s Blend Scalp & Hair Treatment
Otella Wruck (Santa Monica, California, United States)

I have tried countless treatments for my fine hair which was sun damaged and dry. Since using Rahua Founder's Blend for multiple weeks, I am noticing a renewed silkiness and a lively feel to my hair. My healthier hair is adding to an overall sense of joy and sensuality. Used along with other Rahua products, styling is more effortless and long lasting and the shine is beautiful and natural. I feel optimistic and excited to observe more vibrance with my hair as it comes. What blessings from the Rain Forest!