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Love this product!!!

My sensitive scalp is finally happy! Really great treatment

Always rebuy!

I’ve been rebuying the refills for the “classic” shampoo and conditioner since I started using Rahua three years ago. Never disappoint and It’s great for the environment!

A must have!

This spray is wonderful! Mixed with dry shampoo for a deeper cleaning or used alone for a refresher, it works wonders and really helps my hair look less oily so that I can extend the time between washes! It is also great to give more volume when styling

lush hair care

I have thin, fine, wavy, colored hair. These products are lovely, gently pleasant aroma, soft hair. My curls are happy. A little product goes a long way making it last longer . . . less spending, more joy.

The new exfoliating shampoo is amazing l love it 🥰 thank you Rahua ❤️


I have dry hair, and this shampoo (with its conditioner) is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made for my hair-care. I am in love!

I wish they have bigger bottles. That’s all.

Light Leave-in Treatment

I have been searching for a clean product that controls frizz and unruly fine hair forever and finally found this. This seriously works as well as a keratin treatment and works like magic!!

First Time Buyer

This jetsetter is great if you want to try out the products before you buy the big one. I quickly realized I live the Voluminous shampoo 1,000x more than regular! Love Rahua so far!!


Love this conditioner makes my hair so soft, strong and healthy. I’m also in love with the Voluminous set as well


After hours and days of searching online for a non-toxic, chemical-free shampoo and conditioner, I finally found it. I have long fine oily hair and I have very little of it. This voluminous shampoo and conditioner adds much needed volume to my hair and it smells really good. I am grateful such a philanthropic and hair-friendly company like Rahua exists.

Great light styling

I had been using the leave in treatment for my very short hair but now that it's getting warmer I wanted to try something a bit lighter. I love this because it doesn't feel like I have anything in my hair yet it gives some style/texture. The spray is more like a stream (maybe just a faulty spray mechanism on this bottle) so I just squirt it into my palms and run it through my hair with my hands.

Heavenly scent

I really like this spray! I’m hoping to take it to Barbados with me in November. I think it’ll be perfect!

Hydration Detangler

Love it! Great ingredients and great for styling. Adds lots of hydration as well.


Lovely product, effective, gives good hold, and comes in a nice glass bottle.

Body Oil

This body oil is amazing and honestly worth the price, seems long-lasting! The smell is amazing, feminine and woodsy blended together perfectly. It does absorb fast and doesn't leave that oily feel at all while also very hydrating! Definitely a great luxurious product.

3 Cheers for Refillables!

I am so excited that my favorite shampoo & conditioner offer refill packaging. With plastic recycling becoming more problematic, I am so excited that I can get Rahua's classic shampoo and conditioner refills. It reduces the plastic and I'm able to reduce one more thing that I attempt to recycle!

I love the smell and my hair loves it too! It's the closest clean formulation that I have found to traditional shampoo & conditioner.

3 Cheers for Refillables

I am so excited that my favorite shampoo & conditioner offer refill packaging. With plastic recycling becoming more problematic, I am so excited that I can get Rahua's classic shampoo and conditioner refills. It reduces the plastic and I'm able to reduce one more thing that I attempt to recycle!

10/10 smell & function

Ok I adore this product! It gives a light hold, the smell is like so incredible that all my friends are always like "wow you smell so good," and it gives my curled hair some softness/shape. Also, just knowing that this products does not have toxic ingredients makes me that much happier to use it. Don't think twice. It's really good and that's coming from me with sensitive skin and extreme pickiness when it comes to beauty care.

Splendid Products

Got the amazon legendary hair trio, to say the least it is worth the money. This is my first time using the Rahua products but so far I'm loving them. I put the oil in my hair lightly every night before bed (a little goes a long way) always leaves my hair feeling smooth & shiny. Putting oil in my hair this often you would think I would need to wash it more, that is not the case with this oil I have gone about 5 days w/o washing it, which is big for me since I am an every other day hair washer. As for smell it's not bad. I have only used the mask once but so far I love how it makes my hair feel. As for the detangler I can say I am liking it, it seems to be protecting my hair from what I can tell, I don't use it for myself for the detangling part, but I do use it on my 4 yr old daughter, if you know how kids are they could be doing nothing all day and still their hair looks like they had a "rough" night, I spray it on let it sit for a sec and it brushes thru quite well. So if you are contemplating buying it and need the one extra excuse to push you to purchase (and you have kids or just a friend that parties/sleeps hard) tell yourself well it's not just for me I am getting it to share ;)!


Worth EVERY penny!!


Worth EVERY penny!

Love this shower gel. Great lather and wonderful smell!


Just got this so still learning how to use it and how much to use. I wish the spray nozzle would mist finer instead of a stream. At first that made me use way too much. But I spray into my hands now instead. If I got too much on, I would agg a little water to my hands, and scrunched my hair, seems like it starts to foam a little, it gave me such volume and defined waves, didn’t need any other product. I’ve actually replaced the spray cap with one that sprays a finer mist, that worked, I’m really loving this, smells nice and doesn’t feel like you have a ton of product in your hair. Finally a product to use air drying no hairdryer.

Body Oil
Lovely, light oil.

I've used this oil religiously since receiving. it's super light & the fragrance is not over-powering. the only thing about it that I wish were different were that it came in a larger size.
I am almost out of the first bottle...