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Softening and hydrating

I have only been using this conditioner for a couple of weeks but I love how soft and hydrated it leaves my hair! I also love the natural ingredients.


I rarely style my hair. I wash and go. I have used mousse, hairsprays, gels, in the old days we used dippitydo! Nothing ever gave much volume or support to my hair.

This stuff is amazing. A few squirts in my hands then run through my hair. As it dries I may add more. Tho usually have some nice volumes

I have mid back length straight hair. It is fine but have a lot.

Love this stuff!

In love with these products

I’m so happy I found Rahua products. My color full shampoo and conditioner are excellent products. I have zero complaints. Knowing my hair products are handmade with completely natural, plant-based ingredients gives me all the feels. I’m happy to know that my support of this company helps the indigenous people of the Amazon Rainforest. #oneplanetonepeople

Best hair products on the market!

So far I have tried the classic shampoo, hydrating conditioner, leave in conditioner and scalp treatment. This is the most amazing product I have EVER put on my head! I have tried everything at the store and even a few so called top hair products online and nothing compares to rahua. I have naturally wavy hair that is very long with a normal scalp and do not shampoo every day. Every product is amazing and you do not need a lot of product to satisfy your hair and I have very long hair. The smell is amazing and the shampoo is like putting honey on your hair. I recently ordered the body oil and am very excited to try that as well. Thank you so much rahua for an amazing product that has stunningly great results.

Pure perfection

I've been trying hair oils since the 90's; most just dried out my hair and caused more of a follicle oil addiction; leaving a greasy mess.
Rahua on the other hand not only smooths out flyaways, it literally leaves NO oily mess. Even if I don't wash my hair a day or two after use it doesn't leave any nasty oily residue. Just beautiful smoothness.
I heard about Rahua on TikTok, so thanks to the gen z'ers for enlightening this gen x'er and bringing my attention to the holy grail of hair products. Can't wait to try the entire product line!

I love Rahua

Wonderful product

Helps with moisturizing dry frizzy hair

Love this product! I have used this oil for quite some time and don't know how I got along with this oil. It's really the only oil that quenches my dry strands. A small amount is all that is needed for my long thick strands to become hydrated and looking healthy again.

Like a tropical vacation

I had been using Rahua shampoo for awhile, but just tried this detangler/conditioner for the first time. I love it! It has made my hair super shiny, softens, tamed frizz, made my natural curl really pop and smells absolutely heavenly. It feels and looks almost creamy, but doesn't weigh the hair down or make it greasy.

Hair growth!

A few years ago my daughter had her hair bleached professionally. Unfortunately he over processed her hair. Her hair broke off about one inch from her head. All over! Meanwhile she became chronically ill. She was allergic to all sulphates and we went on a long journey to find organic non toxic products. We found Rahua last year. We both Love it! Her hair has grown 10 inches since she started using this product about 10 months. Before that she had only grown about two inches in a year and a half. So thats our it!:) You will have plenty of shimmering healthy beautiful hair!!

What sorcery is this?

As a connoisseur of many oils masks & potions for my thick damaged (highlighted) curly hair I wasn’t expecting much yet it goes above and beyond to transform straw into gold.


My hair is dry and thin. Amazon oil makes it soft and shiny. It helps tame my hair and it gives it a beautiful bouncy look. I also use it with Elixir Oil as well for added protection and glow.
I would highly recommend this product.


Best oil I’ve ever used, you only need a small amount. It doesn’t make my hair oily and makes it so soft and feel/look so healthy!

Smells amazing and makes my hair so soft!

Love this for my thick, low porosity hair.


This is love!! So great for my hair. Thick coarse relaxed hair. As long as you only use the recommended amount. Just what I need.

Awesome new product!

I was so excited when Rahua came out with the Voluminous Shampoo in refill packets.


I have been using the voluminous line for a few years now. I find these products to be the very best and I have tried them all!!
They make my hair so lovely that I get a lot of compliments on it.
I appreciate the fact that the ingredients are clean and now I add to my list of accolades- the refillable option which benefits the environment.
These products have it all!


When I say this product has made my hair incredibly soft and shiny I mean it. I’ve never felt my hair this soft before and only after two uses I’ve noticed a difference! I recommend only putting one pump onto damp hair like the directions say, I think it works best. (:

super hydrating!!

this product is such a wonderful addition to my curly hair routine (‘: i live in extremely dry climate with very low humidity, so hydration is a must in my hair care routine. i wasn’t using any sort of leave in because they are usually too heavy since i have finer curly hair, but this product doesn’t weigh my hair down or make it feel greasy, and i use a good amount each time i wash my hair. it helps to soften, defrizz, and detangle all while adding more moisture to my curls. i will definitely repurchase this once i use up my first bottle c:


This product is my absolute favorite for adding texturize to my thick hair! It gives separation and pieceiness without being stiff! Love this product!


This oil is everything. All you need is a very small amount for luscious, gorgeous results. I have medium to thick brunette hair and it has made it lustrous. Has a beautiful faint scent of honey. I want all Rahua products now!


Love the way this makes my hair feel. The price is completely justified because you use so little every time, so it’ll last for forever. Will definitely repurchase!

had to buy it twice

Since I began to use the detangler + UV barrier, my hair has been looking very healthy, even after bleaching my hair twice. It’s my favorite. Love it. Definitely recommend!

Love it

I decided to try this after reading the reviews & loved it after the first use. I am skeptical of masks since they never seem to actually make a difference in my wavy/frizzy/dry hair, but this really did! It made my hair soft, smoother & shiny. Definitely going to keep buying this & now I'm off to try more Rahua products!

Brings your hair back to life :)

This conditioner is just so rejuvenating it never ceases to amaze me with every use. I would highly recommend anyone to please give this a try. It is really something :)

Wonderful feeling :)

This is an amazing product to have in your body cleansing routine, very pure and just so smooth. It blends right in, however at the same time gives you a feeling of something special :)