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Leave-In Treatment
ES (Arlington, Virginia, United States)
love all Rahua products

All Rahua products I've used so far are second to none. I have never had hair products work as well. They are pricey, but well worth it in my opinion. I find a small amount goes a long way. this product works great on itchy scalp spots as well. some folks seem to not like the smell but it doesn't bother me at all, it's a natural smell, not perfume like other hair products.

Hydration Refill Set
Michelle L. (Brooklyn, New York, United States)
Love! ❤️❤️🔥🔥

I’ve been using Rahua for years now. After experimenting with other, expensive & hyped up brands - I’ve returned back to Rahua. Love the refillable, sustainable packaging. My hair is noticeably healthier, hydrated, shiny after using their hair care products. Highly recommend & well worth the price!

Legendary Amazon Oil™
Mel Harrell (Birmingham, Alabama, United States)
Love it!

This oil makes my hair look so shiny and rejuvenated! A little but goes a LONG way so this bottle will last a very very long time.

Control Cream Curl Styler
Anna Ladd (Raleigh, North Carolina, United States)
No Frizzies

This product makes my hair very soft and smooth. I have to use mousse with it to get a nice solid curl when my hair is dry, so it's not complete for me without a product to "fix" my natural curl. However, what is does well: 1) rinses out completely between shampoos 2) doesn't dry out or weigh down my hair 3) reduces frizzy hair greatly.

Voluminous Shampoo Travel Size
Tracy B (Beverly Hills, California, United States)
Really Lovely So Far

I've got fine hair and not a ton of it so looking for volume shampoo is key. I've only used once so far but immediately noticed a change. My hair had lift, volume, and a gloss!! The other thing is that this seems like a truly clean shampoo offering. There are many brands who say they are clean then you look at the ingredients - PEGS and EDTA - no thank you!! Thank you Rahua for really walking the talk!

Air Dry Spray
Lara Sanders (Bloomfield, New Jersey, United States)
Sticky and strong smelling

To be fair, I have tried a hundred hair products looking for the perfect fit, and as I get older and my hair gets grayer, it is more difficult to find something. This has a strong scent (not offensive, but will conflict with perfume for sure) and leaves a salt-spray-like stickiness in the humid New Jersey air. If you have silky hair, this might be perfect for you. I may update my review in the fall. The bottle is lovely.

Shower Gel Sustainability Set
Jennifer B (Summerfield, Florida, United States)
So Far So Great!!!

I am new to this product line. I have tried the shower gel and I love it. I even use it on my face. It is gentle and smells like peppermint! All good things. I have since ordered other products to try. I can't wait to get them.

Voluminous Shampoo Refill
LINDA BRACKELL-BISSON (Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada)

This is the 2nd shampoo that I have purchased from Rahua. They are both absolutely wonderful shampoos. I will continue to buy and try new products.

Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo
KC (Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States)

I love this exfoliating shampoo. I have used dandruff shampoo and clarifying shampoo and they still leave my scalp irritated and it doesn’t alleviate my issues. This shampoo is worlds better!!! After the first shampoo my scalp was already calmer and CLEAN and my hair is SO soft. I’m obsessed.

Hydration Detangler + UV Barrier
Jessica Grieve (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
Pretty good!

I live in humid Mississippi and have fine but frizzy hair. Nothing TOTALLY knocks the frizz out, but this stuff is pretty good! It leaves my hair a little less frizzy, feeling softer, and it smells good. Overall, I’m pleased with this product.

Hydration Conditioner
erin (North Saanich, British Columbia, Canada)
great natural product

I have been searching for an all natural product that actually improves the condition
of my hair and I have finally found it.Thanks Rahua.
My hair is soft, manageable and my frizz is undercontrol without weighing my hair down.
I have been using the hydrating shampoo, conditioner ,leave in Detangler and a small drop of the amazon oil. You only need a very small amount of the oil or it will make your hair oily, great products!

Hydration Detangler + UV Barrier
Lisa S (Denver, Colorado, United States)

I apply this on my damp hair and comb it through. I then blow dry my (wavy) hair for a couple minutes, then continue to let it air dry. This leaves my hair shinier and smoother. Love it!

Classic Shampoo
Karalee Guthrie (Federal Way, Washington, United States)
Shocked! It’s a keeper!

At first I was skeptical cause I don’t like buying shampoo and conditioner if I can’t smell it. It’s a woodsy/minty smell which I don’t mind. I even got my husband to try it. Our hair is so soft I could easily comb my hair after my shower with zero tangles and no detangling spray. My hair is soft, shiny and not frizzy! Conditioner is extremely thick so it’s a little hard to get out but I don’t mind cause it does the job well! I will be buying the refill packages for this! It’s a keeper

Hydration Conditioner Travel Size
Sarah W. (Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States)
Love it - super hydrating!

I've been using drugstore shampoo/conditioner for years and recently switched to Rahua and I'm seeing a huge difference right away. My hair is more manageable and my natural curls feel lighter and bouncier. Highly recommend if you're looking for a clean swap!

Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo
Nini (San Francisco, California, United States)
Love it

I’m on my second bottle and love how it has changed my hair to be much smoother and silkier that ever before. I’ve been using the other shampoos by Rahua for a year now and love the line generally, but this one is my new absolute favorite. I hope soon they release the eco friendly pouches of this shampoo too.

Legendary Amazon Oil™
Nayeli Ontiveros (Forney, Texas, United States)
Your hair NEEDS this 🌱✨

This amazing oil is truly the best! I deal with split ends and this has helped me 💯 I’ve tried it all and this is absolutely one of the best products I’ve tried. If you don’t want to nourish & revive your hair, then this is not for you 😉

Color Full™ Shampoo Travel Size
Lynn G (Mequon, Wisconsin, United States)
Great option!!

I had been using another ‘purple’ shampoo. It worked well, but was full of toxic chemicals that I didn’t want touching me anymore. I tried this and LOVE it! It’s effective and safe - a winning combination.

Hydration Essential Hair Care Set
Laura Sanders (Costa Mesa, California, United States)
Love it

Feels great. Love how my hair comes out. Would definitely recommend.
Smell is a little to get use to but it’s not bad just not what I expected.

Voluminous Essential Hair Care Set
Ali (Joshua Tree, California, United States)
Love both products

I’ve got very fine hair and these products clean it well without weighing it down. I love the smell of both products as well, and I’m very sensitive to fragrances (both natural and synthetic). I love that this company supports the people of the rainforest and was one of the main reasons I chose to spend money here. I’ll purchase again.

Classic Essential Hair Care Set
Tiffany (Yonkers, New York, United States)
Worth the price

My hair used to be frizzy and oily. It’s been two weeks or so and my hair has never felt better than other. Trust me when I say that I’ve tried many Jaír products but this one is number 1. My hair is softer and is growing faster than usual.

Control Cream Curl Styler
Bojangles10 (Loretto, Pennsylvania, United States)
Use sparingly

I have wavy fine shoulder length hair with a few highlights. Always hard getting used to a new product. Great cream texture, smell is amazing, makes me want to use more, at first I really used way too much, a full pump, seemed to weigh my hair down and make a little greasy. So next time on damp hair I used less than half a pump. Was so much better, gave my waves nice definition, very soft, no crunch at all. Nice big size bottle, will definitely last me along time now that I know how much to use, I like to spray 3 sprays of air spray in my hands afterwards and scrunch thru hair, nice combo of products fir my hair.

Voluminous Spray
Bojangles10 (Loretto, Pennsylvania, United States)

Wow! I washed my hair the night before, and usually have to put it up in a bun because bad bed head. But spraying a small amount all over, gave me volume and bounce to my waves, is does have a citrus kind of smell, nice and refreshing, doesn’t weigh hair down just freshens it up. This will definitely be part of my routine and saving my hair from daily washes, I will go two to three days between. Really liking my new RAHUA products. Even though a little pricey but very comparable to other natural products, a little goes along way, very concentrated.

Hydration Shampoo Refill
Catherine Smith (Paddington, England, United Kingdom)
Excellent product offered sustainably at a good price.

This is an excellent shampoo offered in an easy-to-use refill option at a reduced price. I appreciate the effort to reduce waste and the pricing encouragement to the consumer. For over a year now I have always taken the refill choice.

Legendary Amazon Oil™
Anna (Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States)
Worth the hype

This hair oil smells HEAVENLY and is nice and light on the hair. Leaves it looking nourished and not greasy. I will def continue this in my hair routine.
love it!

Leave-In Treatment
Maria Young (Cedar Park, Texas, United States)

This leave-in treatment makes my hair feel so soft and healthy. It gives it a beautiful shine and tames the frizz. The only downside is, in my opinion, it smells like play-doh, so I make sure to put another product on top to give my hair a cleaner smell. I won’t knock a star off of this product, though because I love it! Buy buy buy!!